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Can Athletes Benefit From Cryotherapy

Almost all athletes sustain an injury at some point or another, whether it is a minor sprain or a ligament tear, and they want to get back out on the field, or court, as soon as possible!

The application of cold to an injury helps relieve pain, and it reduces swelling and inflammation because cold slows down nerve activity. This creates a numbing effect and reduces the sensation of pain, without having to experience the side effects or potential addiction caused by taking prescription or over the counter medications.

Whole-body cryotherapy, essentially is, ice baths were taken to a whole new and incredible level!

Cryotherapy helps reduce swelling and slows down cellular metabolism, which allows your body to heal faster. Excessive swelling can impede the healing process, not to mention contributing to uncomfortable pressure pain.
Slower cellular metabolism means less cell death and therefore less tissue for the body to repair. Cryotherapy provides a more comfortable and effective method for applying so that athletes are more inclined to compliant.

Compression Therapy: The NormaTec PULSE Recovery System is a dynamic compression device designed for recovery and rehab. Used to help poor circulation, from injury or working out by gently applying pressure to the legs to speed up recovery time. Compression therapy is a beneficial pain-free treatment for anyone.

Naturally, boosts your mood and energy level!

Professional, elite and recreational athletes are being drawn to cryotherapy to deal with their injuries, aches, and pains and speed up recovery time. Clients will feel better and look younger and healthier. Whole-body cryotherapy is a medical treatment widely used in beauty procedures and sports medicine alike.

TOTALCRYO offers whole body cryotherapy, compression therapy, facial and even local cryotherapy. Be Cool To Your Body! Book your appointment today 215-262-6779. Experience the exceptional benefits. Of this modern approach to muscle recovery, beauty, and body rejuvenation.