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Did you know that cryotherapy can do more than aid in muscle recovery or weight loss? It also has the ability to help people cope with depression and depression symptoms.

Can Cryotherapy Help With Depression

Depression can often go undetected because people assume they’re just sad or they’re too worried they’ll be told to “get over it” if they try to get help for it. Some signs are having a loss of pleasure or interest, feeling sad or feeling down. While this is common for day to day life, it can be categorized as depression when the symptoms persist for longer than two (2) weeks. Depression can also cause physical problems such as

  • muscle aches
  • constant fatigue
  • back pain
Can Cryotherapy Help With Depression 2

How cryotherapy can benefit you:

  • The cold air can help level out hormones, norepinephrine, and neurotransmitter. Leveling everything out helps your brain keep focus, vigilance, and a positive mood.
  • It’s been proven that severe depression causes inflammation which
  • It forces that body into a relaxed state
  • It boosts your mood
  • Decreases tension
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Boosts energy levels

Cryotherapy can’t cure depression, but it can help ease the symptoms of depression making dealing with the day-to-day a little better.

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