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How to cure that dreaded hangover 2

When it comes to hangovers, nothing helps to take the pain away. At least, that’s what you’re initially thinking the morning after a night out with friends. While there are many home remedies out there that range from a greasy breakfast to light exercise to “the hair of the dog” (aka another drink), there is one simple cure to a hangover that we highly recommend: Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy helps to bring blood flow back to parts of your body that may be affected by the toxins in alcohol.

Cryotherapy for hangovers is a method that consistently helps, and has been proven to help when you’re feeling your worst. Plus, it doesn’t take that much time out of your day, which is not something you can say about an all-day hangover. How exactly does cryotherapy help cure your nausea and pounding headache? Read on, and learn how cryotherapy will become your new favorite hangover cure!

How to cure that dreaded hangover 3
  • Cryotherapy adds hydration to your body, which is absolutely essential in combating the dehydration from last night’s alcoholic drinks.
  • The extreme cold of Cryotherapy helps to get the blood flowing, pushing the toxins, and any remaining side effects from the alcohol out of your body. The release of serotonin and endorphins will have you feeling much better in no-time.
  • If you’re feeling fatigued after a night out, cryotherapy will help reverse that effect leaving you much more energized than before. A rush of nutrients to your organs will quickly refuel your body to help you regain energy.

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