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Injury Prevention for Aging Athletes

Over a third of adults over age 65 fall every year, and 30 percent of fall victims suffer injuries which decrease their mobility and independence; fractures are among the most of the serious health consequences of their falls.

Although, fear of falling is a major risk factor in older adults, limiting or avoiding physical activity, is actually just one of the reasons to remain active, limber, and work on their balance to reduce the possibility of falling and injuring themselves. It will also help make recovery time shorter.

Even moderate exercise activity such as walking, swimming, stretching and special balance exercises can improve strength and stability.

For injury prevention and care try the following:

  • Strength training with light weights and resistance training, yoga, and Pilates
  • Weight-bearing exercising such as walking, dancing, hiking, tennis, stair climbing, etc. is good for your bones as it forces you to work against gravity.
  • Swimming great for working a wider range of muscle groups, can burn more calories than walking while providing the same benefits for the circulatory and respiratory systems, while being gentler on the joints.
  • Rest and protect the injured or sore area(s).
  • Ice packs, when an injury or inflammation, such as tendonitis or bursitis occurs, tissues are damaged. Cold numbs the affected area, which can reduce pain and tenderness.
  • Cold can also reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Cold therapy devices allows cold to penetrate deeper, which enables the benefits to last longer:
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy is a 3-minute exposure to extreme cold where nitrogen vapor evenly circulates inside a human-sized tank (cryosauna); it works by temporarily deadening nerve endings to reduce pain sensations. This helps contribute to a faster healing process, Once the session is over, your body releases newly enriched blood and nutrients while flushing the toxins from the skin surface, joints, and muscle tissues. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Local Cryotherapy helps those with small or large injuries in the soft tissue of their bodies, targeting the areas affected and provides the patient with a reduction of muscle tension and pain, acting as a natural analgesic effect and oxygenated blood flow. It works to help improve the rate of healing and recovery as well as further relaxation of muscle tension and an increase in exercise tolerance. This process helps strengthen and improve the muscles to reduce the possible future injuries.
  • Compression Therapy, such as The NormaTec PULSE Recovery System, is designed for recovery and rehabilitation; it helps poor circulation from an injury or from working out. Sessions typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Heat treatments such as heating pads are important, but only after the first 48 hours following an injury.

TOTALCRYO offers whole body cryotherapy, compression therapy, facial and even local cryotherapy. It’s the modern approach to muscle recovery, beauty, and body rejuvenation; experience the exceptional benefits.

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