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FREEZING OVER by Jenny Graham

Kyle Zorzi, a wellness aficionado and the entrepreneur behind Total Cryo in Horsham, shares the many benefits of cryotherapy.

In 2017, Doylestown native Kyle Zorzi found himself at a career crossroads. His past successes meant he had multiple options, but he longed to make his mark in the health-and-wellness space.
He ultimately discovered the perfect opportunity: Total Cryo in Horsham.

For nearly three years and counting, Total Cryo has been helping residents of an ever-widening community make positive changes to their health. Total Cryo specializes in cryotherapy, or “cold
therapy,” referring to the use of extreme cold (200 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit) to address a number of health issues. Cryotherapy can be used on the whole body, or just a certain part of the
anatomy, with benefits reported to include boosted mood and vitality, weight loss, and decreased pain, among others.

“Our goal is to help people enhance their lives every day,” says Zorzi, a proud alumnus of Central Bucks West and the University of Scranton.

“More and more, cryotherapy is emerging as a way to help people, whether it’s an older person with chronic pain or arthritis or a very active younger person.”

One of the most popular treatments is Whole Body Cryotherapy. This treatment, which requires an individual to step into a tube-like “cryosauna”for an invigorating three-minute cycle of extreme
cold, sets off a chain of beneficial reactions within the body. Total Cryo also offers therapies for the face and other localized areas. Cryo T-Shock, for example, uses the power of thermal shock to
target unwanted fat deposits, destroying fat cells without damaging exposed skin. These noninvasive treatments can be used to address areas such as the legs and arms as well as the neck.

Whether someone wants to treat their whole body or just one part of it, Zorzi says each treatment is designed to be effective, convenient, and affordable. “I wanted to give the community something unique,” Zorzi says. “What I like most about cryotherapy are the many different health benefits it provides for people of all ages and lifestyles—relief from chronic pain and inflammation, arthritis, muscle recovery, better sleep and mood, plus it can boost energy, burn calories. And what I really, really like is that it only takes three minutes a session.” ‘An Easy Path’ Zorzi had been enjoying a fruitful business career prior to founding Total Cryo. He credits celebrity motivator Tony Robbins and mega hit TV shows such as Shark Tank for inspiring him to branch out on his own.

“After college, I joined my father at his small, four-person AV/IT sales and marketing company,” he shares. “For 15 years, I held
many positions from sales, marketing, to operations. I was fortunate to have a father and boss and mother who believed in me,
was patient, and respected my creativity and decision-making.”
The company saw tremendous success by embracing video conferencing around the year 2000. Ultimately, it became a top U.S.
distributor of the service for Cisco. Zorzi helped grow the company to 200 employees and approximately $600 million in annual sales
revenue. In 2015, a billion-dollar publicly traded company acquired the business. He sees his success story as a modern retelling of
the American dream—“Start small, sell high.”

“When I look back it was all hard work, focus, gut decision-making, and timing,” he says. “I guess you can say my true passion is
building and growing small businesses that focus on niche products and services within new emerging markets that help others
enhance their lives.” Zorzi emphasizes that his mother’s daily
battle with rheumatoid arthritis was also an inspiration. Likewise, he credits his wife, Michelle, for being his“anchor,” adding, “She
helps a lot with the business, especially all the laundry.” With such factors, it’s no wonder he was attracted to cryotherapy. “We try to provide wellness with a purpose every day using unique
natural methods to help others achieve their goals
and live their best lives,” Zorzi says of Total Cryo. “I love the challenge of inspiring others to commit and invest in their own long-term health, beauty, and anti-aging. I feel that we have provided an
easy path for people to do so with our affordable, cutting-edge wellness services, memberships, and the friendly, family-style
atmosphere where people can have unlimited access to all of our services every day.” Currently, sessions are booked in increments of 15 minutes, with the facility seeing an average of 35 to 45 people per day. TotalCryo’s membership base has grown to more than 150 individuals. In addition to cryotherapy, Total Cryo offers infrared sauna sessions to stimulate relaxation and promote detoxification, among other benefits. Celluma Light Therapy utilizes specific wavelengths of light to trigger a natural bio stimulatory effect in the body. Zorzi suggests the treatment may help to increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair,kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation,
improve skin vitality, ease joint pain and arthritis, and more.

“What this technology does is simulate an extreme environment to trick the brain into producing norepinephrine, which helps with all inflammation,” he says. “A three minute treatment, three to four times a week, can help with chronic pain and arthritis and have other side benefits, like enhancing mood.” Multiple treatments will help an individual maximize a client’s benefits, according to
Zorzi. Likewise, he recommends trying cryotherapy for a month to get a true sense of its effectiveness. “Visit two to three times a week and after a month, then decide,” he says. “That’s when people really get to experience the benefits of cryotherapy, the right way, instead
of just trying it once as a novelty.” Total Cryo will celebrate its three-year anniversary on Jan. 24, 2021. Zorzi is proud of the milestone, but he’s just happy to play a positive role in clients’ overall wellness.
“I’ve learned over these three years of operating this business that wellness is a journey, an adventure,” he says. “It is different
for everyone.” While each individual will follow a unique path in terms of his or her overall health, everyone can benefit from these
parting words from Zorzi:

“Be ‘cool’ to your body. You only have one.” ■
—Kyle Zorzi,Total Cryo