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Cryo is for everyone! Well almost everyone… unless you’re pregnant or have uncontrolled heart problems!

People fall in love with Cryo because you can feel energized and rejuvenated after a short 3-minute session! There are many benefits of cryotherapy that may be experienced. Some of our older members use it 3-4 times a week to help and manage chronic pain, arthritis, and inflammation. Students and pro athletes make cryo part of their weekly recovery routine so they can train harder and perform better for their sport.

Most of our members are active busy professionals who work out and need a quick energy boost or help with sore aching muscles and joints. Others do cryo to help them look younger, burn extra calories, & tighten the skin. Some just for the endorphin rush! Cryo can even help women going through menopause. The cooling sensation helps them cool down and deal with heat flashes!

I personally use cryo to help me boost my mood when I’m feeling stressed or down or to help me recover from playing soccer and working out.

No one knows how cryo can help them until they try it.

Discover how cryo can help you!

- The Cryo Guy

How Cryotherapy Works

Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy,” is a technique where the body from the shoulders down is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for 3 minutes inside a cryo chamber.

Our clients and members will stand on an adjustable platform inside our Impact Octagon chamber during treatment which ensures their head remains outside the cabin. A certified cryo-technician fills the Cryotherapy chamber with nitrogen vapor, which drops the temperature of the cabin to a range of (minus) -135°F to -200°F and temporarily lowers the temperature of the skin's top layer. The treatment lasts a maximum of three minutes. During the process, the skin sends signals to the brain, which stimulates physical reactions and activates naturally occurring healing resources. Once out of the cabin, the body immediately reheats leaving you feeling refreshed and revived!

What happens to your body during a session?

When you enter the cryo chamber the drop in temperature triggers your survival instincts. As your skin reacts to the cold, your blood vessels constrict which causes the blood in the extremities to be pushed to the internal organs. The internal organs enrich the blood with oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients. The immune system also starts to produce more white blood cells which boosts your immune system and reduces inflammation. As you exit the chamber, your body begins to warm itself back up naturally. This results in a release of endorphins and your circulation improve as nutrient-rich blood rushes from your internal organs to your extremities. This enriched blood prompts internal organ regeneration, expels toxins and starts other rejuvenation processes throughout your body.

A cryotherapy treatment induces a total systemic response that has many benefits including reduced pain, increased recovery, and improved muscle strength and hormone production. Following a Cryotherapy treatment, many people feel great because of the endorphin release.

Depending on your physical condition, there may be immediate relief from joint and muscle pain, improved energy, and reduced stress that can last several hours or even days. However, some results such as chronic pain will take longer to see results and will require more than one treatment.

Whole Body Cryotherapy