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Wholebody cryotheraphy

More and more folks are looking to complementary or alternative therapies to gain added health benefits. Cryotherapy is quickly gaining in popularity among athletes and non-athletes alike:

  • to help them feel better
  • to better cope with arthritis pain
  • aid in healing muscles
  • shorten recovery time
  • create better blood circulation
  • reduce inflammation
  • boost immune system
  • elevates mood
  • reduces stress levels
  • promotes better sleep
  • aid in weight loss
  • flushes out toxins from your body
  • to help feel in control of one’s own treatment decisions
  • provides a potential healthy alternative or in addition to medications
  • potentially prevent dementia (some believe if cryotherapy reduces inflammation, it could also reduce the possible risk of developing dementia)

What is Cryotherapy? FAQs
It is essentially “Cold Therapy” for the body. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a short, 3-minute exposure to extreme cold (-256 degrees). The nitrogen vapor evenly circulates inside a human-sized tank called a cryosauna. The body is exposed from the shoulders down to extreme cold which triggers a fight-or-flight survival response, thus causing blood to temporarily leave the less vital areas of the body in order to protect the body’s core. The body then prepares to fix any potentially damaged organs by pushing more oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients into the bloodstream.

Once the session is over, the body releases the new enriched blood and nutrients throughout the body while flushing the toxins from the skin surface, joints, and muscle tissues while releasing endorphins. This provides a refreshing and rejuvenated feeling that can be likened to a runners’ high or as it is called a Cryo Rush!

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